• Our Supplements

    Finally, the same supplements prescribed by healthcare professionals in their offices are available to the public— available to you.

    Professional-grade supplements are made with the highest tier of ingredients, and manufactured with strict quality controls to provide doctors the best supplements for their patients.

    DM essentials works directly with those manufacturers, so we’re able to provide you with those doctor-approved supplements. Healthcare practitioners are still key when dealing with serious health concerns, but nutritional deficiencies and insufficiencies are common and treatable with the right supplements. Essential nutrients are the core vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and nutritional shakes that everyone can benefit from making part of their daily routine.

  • Our Promise

    Our promise at DM essentials is that all of our products are backed by scientific research and tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure purity.

    Our supplements are not the most inexpensive. Our marketing and labels are not the most flashy, but our products are the gold standard in the natural healthcare industry. The value of our products is in the quality provided within, not in outlandish claims and aesthetics. 

    We promise you can be confident that what is on the label is actually in the bottle. Unfortunately, with lower-quality products, that is often not the case. 

    Doctors demand the best supplements for their patients, and you should for your family as well—now, with DM essentials, you can.

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  • Not Your Average Probiotics

    DM essentials probiotics are genetically identified to verify the bacterial strains supplied and these strains have been researched to provide targeted support for the body.

    Whether you are looking for something to support general intestinal health, or more specific goals of gynecological health, weight management, or children’s health, DM essentials has you covered.

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  • Maintenance & Wellness

    There are several key nutrients that we need to maintain peak health, but it can be difficult to be sure we are getting those nutrients daily. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to get all the necessary nutrients from food alone (even with the “perfect” diet). That’s why we recommend the CORE 4: probiotics, a bioavailable multivitamin, an essential fatty acid supplement, and vitamin D.

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  • Therapeutics

    At DM essentials, we are dedicated to enhancing people’s health and well-being and have developed a series of products dedicated to supporting specific healthcare concerns like low levels of vitamin D or natural flora. Therapeutics will help get your body back on track faster to ensure a smooth transition when you’re ready for a maintenance-level dosage.

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  • Immune Balance Supplements in Hanover, MA

    Boost your health with professional-grade supplements. Headquartered in Hanover, MA, DM Essentials offers high-quality health and wellness products at affordable prices. Browse our selection of products, including immune balance supplements.

    From GI Restore to Daily Flora probiotics, we have a complete line of supplements for supporting your health. Increase your immune health, digestive health, and overall well-being. 

    Our GI Restore supplement is one of the best-selling solutions for those that want to improve gut function. It includes a carefully curated selection of nutrients for restoring the health of your gut. Our Daily Flora is not your average probiotic. It is specially formulated to address gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal discomfort and bloating.

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  • Where Can I Find 5HTP for Sale Near Me?

    DM Essentials is a trusted source for high-quality 5HTP supplements. Our 5HTP Active includes 100 mg per serving for enhanced mood and a more restful state. Order today! If you want a health and wellness product in Hanover, MA, or beyond, DM Essentials is a dependable choice. We offer a wide range of therapeutic supplements designed to promote better health.

    You can rely on our supplements as a safe source of essential nutrients and beneficial ingredients. All products are backed by a guarantee for purity and safety.

    You can trust that our supplements contain exactly what is on the label without any additives. You simply receive natural vitamins and nutrients known to promote better health.

To take control of your digestive health and immune system, browse the DM Essentials line of supplements. Order today!