For over 20 years, Dr. Michael Recupero (aka Dr. Mike)  has had the privilege of helping thousands of patients with therapeutic functional nutrition. Every time he works with a patient, he considers it an honor that someone has come to him for medical help. His passion for helping people and providing health solutions is his “why”, and he feels the same way when it comes to his supplements. 

One of the keys to his success is utilizing professional-grade supplements to help patients heal and repair their bodies. 

When it comes to nutrition: Quality matters. Manufacturing matters. Ingredients matter. Would you eat rancid fish or rotten broccoli because it was on sale? With all of the fancy marketing and empty promises surrounding today’s supplements, you may end up making that poor choice without realizing it. 

As a renowned healthcare practitioner, Dr. Mike has the luxury of using supplements from the best companies with the highest standards typically not available to the public.

Finally, after working with these companies, he is thrilled to make these professional-grade, essential supplements available directly to you - vitamins and nutrients that should be the core of any good nutrition program for you and your family.

Dr. Mike’s goal is to give access to essential supplements consumers can rely on. They provide exactly what the label states: clean, bioavailable nutrients manufactured based upon science and research, not fancy marketing and sales.

It’s about time everyone had access to supplements with the same standards that healthcare professionals have been prescribing their patients. 

Whether you are looking for a top-quality bioavailable multivitamin (BioComplete) or clean non-toxic, rancid-free concentrated fish oil (Gold 1000), you can be sure that you are getting the same professional quality that I have been using to help people for 20 years. 

I look forward to helping you and your family achieve your healthcare goals!